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According to the councilwoman, "A lot of these people live alone". "So going outside to the park, and being part of the activity of the park, is important to them." she also added.

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A representative of the neighborhood, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, claimed that she had been able to get $250,000 in city money, geared towards the project, after a couple of her older constituents mentioned that, "there are tot lots, but there's no place for us."

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By the coming fall, a second adult playground will be built by the city, with upgraded amenities such as river view, exercise mats, a sign that says "Adult space" e.t.c, at John Jay Park located on the Upper East Side.



An adult playground was installed in New York City at Macombs Dam Park in the Bronx.

It was not exactly a scene that one was used to encountering. It was, very aptly put, a classic father-son moment - only, this time, it was reversed. How? You may ask. Well, it happened like this, the 2-year old boy sat by patiently and quietly watched as his father played on the monkey bars, hanging upside down. Sounds funny right? Like, what crazy new world is this? Just hold on. At that same scene, a few feet away from the man, a white-haired man was engaged in an activity of his own. He happily skipped across the length of an S-shaped metal beam. We're not done yet. Another man at another section, arranged his six-foot frame on a metal rack meant for situps, while two others were engaged in chin-ups, hoisting themselves up on the bars.

Ignoring petty things such as the punishing diets, gym dates and also the doctors' warnings, one can see that the constant quest of man to live a longer, healthier and more active lifestyle has culminated in this: playgrounds whichever, rather than children, are meant for adults.

The city of New York is testing its first of such in a Macombs Dam Park, located in the Bronx. According to park officials, the city plans also, to bring as many as two dozen similar playgrounds to neighborhoods spanning the five boroughs in the next eighteen months.

The goal here is to attract people and tempt them to leave their couches and easy chairs and finally head outdoors, using the specially designed play equipment, which is in 'grown-up' shades such as forest Green and beige. These play equipment helps then recall the joys of childhood play, while simultaneously helping them tighten up flabby abs, triceps, and things as well.

It should be noted that while these playgrounds don't feature equipment like swings or slides - which means they are basically like outdoor gyms - and aside from having the look of the traditional kid's playground, they are also built, in some cases, by the manufacturers of children's playground.

The idea for this adult playground is borrowed from China as well as parts of Europe where outdoor fitness areas meant for adults are now as normal as high-fiber diets or when vitamin D supplements taken in preventive care, mostly for senior citizens.

Encouragingly, a steadily increasing number of both city and park officials, health experts as well as community leaders from all over the country have begun praising the health and also, social benefits of these adult playgrounds. According to them, these adult play areas, will make headway and achieve success, where treadmills and the likes, have failed in fighting against the steadily growing rates of obesity and similar illnesses, by tempting the grown-ups to come out for play dates.

Dr. David Ludwig, a Harvard Medical School Professor who is in charge of directing the Obesity Prevention Center located at Boston Children's Hospital, said: “Let’s face it, most of us dread going to the gym". Also according to the professor, “The point is to make physical activity fun, easy and accessible, so it’s the normal thing to do.”

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In the city of New York, where adults are not allowed to go to playgrounds except accompanied by a child, the $200,000 Bronx playground, boasting fifteen pieces of equipment, was opened 2 years ago, as a way of getting annoyed increased number of people to visit the parts to get some exercise and shed excess fat.
In Washington state, last year, Paige Dunn and Kelly Singer, two mothers from the area, began a grass-roots campaign with the aim of building "Momentum" sites which would help new mothers to shed their baby weight. All the sites would face a children's playground and also, and also hold seven pieces of equipment which specifically target the problem areas.
They both raised $30,000 and proceeded to open the first one in Auburn, Wash. By next month, a second one will be dedicated in Redmond, Wash.According to park officials, the playground has been a success and the city is planning a rapid expansion to reach more areas. According to Adrian Benepe, the park commissioner, "This represents a continuing evolution of both parks and playgrounds."

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These adult playgrounds have effectively spread across the country, even to places like Miami-Dade county in Florida where it should be noted that four fitness zones with advanced strength-training equipment opened for business this year.

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These zones were opened in those neighborhoods that had recorded high rates of cardiovascular diseases in the past. Also, in San Antonio, dating as far back as 2010, outdoor fitness stations have been introduced to 30 parks.

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There are 30 fitness stations in Los Angeles, and another fifteen on the way. This is owing to the fact that Park officials found, to their surprise that there were, in their own words, "Lines of people waiting to use the equipment"